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Thousands of moms

Pre-Father's Day Celebration at Kangazoom

June 14, 2013

A Fun Filled Family Day to Help support Kamp Kile's World

By: Kia Morgan Smith aka The Cinco Mom
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This article was contributed by Kia Morgan Smith, aka The Cinco Mom

Sometimes a gift can come in the form of just having a GOOD TIME and supporting a cause much bigger than you. And this Saturday is a GREAT TIME for dads to grab their little ones, kiss and hug them tight and take them to Kangazoom in Alpharetta in honor of Kamp Kile’s World and the farewell celebration of Kangazoom.

The farewell fundraiser will support Kamp Kile’s World, founded by celebrity mom Tameka Raymond in honor of her son Kile who lost his life last year from injuries sustained in a jet-ski accident.  Kile was a creative kid who loved the arts. Kamp Kile’s World is a creative Arts camp that offer multiple workshops including general instruction in the areas of acting, singing, dance, painting, illustration, music production and digital media. 

Kangaroo Kile, the mascot of Kangazoom is going to camp, meaning the Alpharetta Kanagazoom location will close so Tameka can focus her energy on  the Kile’s World nonprofit organization and its programs to support the arts.

Expect lots of fun, music, food and fundraising for this worthy cause. I’m so happy to support the Kile’s World organization and will be there on Saturday to support! I expect you to come too! And please feel free to grab the flyer above and spread the word on your blogs and through social media. Let’s help Tameka raise money to support the programs at Kamp Kile. 

WHERE: KangaZoom 5530 Windward Pkwy, Alpharetta
WHEN: June 15th, 3-6 p.m.